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The G3C is now open 5 days a week! Tuesdays - Saturdays 10am-6pm. While the G3C Clubhouse is open only to MMMP registered Patients and Caregivers, we periodically offer meetings and classes that are open to the public. Please check our Clubhouse Information page for more information on our other services and requirements.

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DJ Short

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Raise Da Ramp

Raise Da Ramp

We are taking Donations

To help build

Handicap Ramps

For the disabled

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Applied Analytical

Applied Analytical with be here


They will be here every week

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G3C Classes & Education

Register today and take a medicinal cannabis related class from a local expert. Classes are extremely informative and affordable.


Visit our G3C Education Page to register and find out more.


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Committee Meetings

Tuesdays are now Committee meeting days (Starting Tues Sept 20 with Political Committee). All meetings start at 6pm and will be held monthly as follows: 1st Tues-Outreach, 2nd tues-Philanthropy, 3rd tues-Political, 4th tues-Promotions.

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